Rufus Wainwright rocks Gibson

ImageIt has been just over a week but Rufus Wainwright rocked the Gibson Club in Frankfurt. I truly admire his career and his wild creativity. He is this great combination of baroque, pop, opera, showtunes and general drama queen. His new album – produced by Mark Ronson – sets a new tonality and he played almost the whole album during the show.

Part of it all were not only his husband, Jörn Weisbrodt, but his in-laws  which gave the concert this touch of cuteness as the audience below tried to steal secret glances at the family hanging out on the balcony. And it truly is a family affair with Adam Cohen joining the show and a tribute to all their parents’ creative heritage being paid.

His band is tight, full of amazing talent. They all seem to know it and yet gel bringing over their passion into the audience. And when it comes to do the encore, it is an encore only Rufus could coreograph and is too crazy, too amazing and too complex to really tell anyone about who was not there.  Wow.

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