customer service

Facebook F8

FBFacebook is on a roll – the rate at which it is introducing new features is mind-blowing.

Here are the main new things to watch out for:

  • The chatbots are coming
    Through Messenger, businesses can now deliver automated customer support. Might still be a little wearisome now (like ordering flowers) but as Techcrunch wrote it is estimated that chatbots could replace the 1-800 numbers (and probably the humans behind it).
  • Sponsored message ads are go
    Businesses can now send re-engagement messages to people who’ve already started a conversation with them on Messenger. Will be interesting to see how this works out, consumers will not want anything that is to spammy so businesses need to see what the right balance will be.
  • Keeping you in app
    We all know that with the battle over networks everyone’s intention is to keeo you “in app” for as long as possible. So Facebook now also allows you to drop files straight from your Dropbox into Messenger (saves emailing) and have a “persistent Chat Head” at the top of your screen (Android only for now)
  • Instant articles
    And if you haven’t had enough, then instant articles can now be used by ALL publishers. Developers get on it.


My customer, my fan

thumbsFans have become the new currency of success for many companies’ marketing and sales departments. How often do I hear a client tell me full of pride how many likes or followers their social network has.

But if we only would measure success in the number of “thumbs up” or followers we would all be pretty amazing. We must remember that what we really want are truly satisfied customers. Companies that want to be successful need not only have best in class products and services, they also need to ensure a certain emotional relationship with their customers. This can be achieved through having excellent customer contacts and making your relationship with them unique. Give  your employees a motivational driven work environment. A company culture cannot thrive without success. Encourage customer oriented thinking.

And remember that trends come and go,  but true fans stay forever.