What happens to our iTunes Library when we die?

I have masses of CDs. They are all in boxes in the garage. So when I die, my godchildren will get them and amuse themselves with various musical jewels ranging from my very much beloved Beatles collection to the more embarassing A Very Chipmunk Christmas.

But what about my iTunes library and all those amazing playlists I have put together that say so much about my life? Well not so definite here. So thank God for Bruce Willis – our hero in a dirty wifebeater – who has decided to take Apple on himself.

From the Daily Mail:

Bruce Willis is more usually seen escaping from explosions and battling terrorists to save the world.

His latest battle, however, takes him to the considerably quieter world of the courtroom – although he still faces a formidable opponent.

The Hollywood action hero is said to be considering legal action against technology giant Apple over his desire to leave his digital music collection to his daughters.

If he succeeds, he could benefit not just himself and his family but the millions who have purchased songs from Apple’s iTunes Store.

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