Just some thoughts about content creation

Most of my work is done in the B2B arena, so I know that engaging content is one of the most important aspects of marketing and communications. And engaging content means that one always keeps up with what is happening in that part of the industry right now, because no one is interested in yesterday’s news.robot

One way to do this is to listen and be in touch what your customers and the market are talking about, what are the issues they are facing and what kind of industry developments have implications for them. If you have no external facing role, then that should not stop you. Talk to the people in your company that do in order to find out what is important the customer. And then also see what the competitors and influencers are up to. What kind of content are they producing and what type of topics are they talking about. I also find that monitoring discussions on Twitter or LinkedIn to gain more insight about the industries I work for is also helpful.

And then we all need to remember that engaging content is not only about writing reports or articles. Experimenting with new formats such as video, interactive presentations or games may be an option. Engaging also means encouraging interaction like being able to leave comments. It should be easy to absorb and unique. And there is nothing wrong with a little humor and wit to humanize your company and its employees.

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