“Digital disruption” or a massive shift in the way companies do business

Everything is going digital, regardless what business you are in. This so-called “digital disruption” will mean a massive shift in the way companies do business. godzilla

According to James McQuivey’s interesting articledigital disruption is all customer driven. CMOs are the gateway to the customers, so they need to be the drivers of digital communications, tools and platforms. But as McQuivey correctly points out, this is not a task that can be completed on their own – it has to be a collaboration between you, the CTO, the CFO and COO. And this is where the article gets back to baseline of my previous post: be change agents, embrace new ways of doing business, acquire new skill sets and most importantly really understand what your customers want and how you can best meet their needs. So check out McQuivey’s tips on how to get your C-suite to huddle up and get those “customer-focused purposes digital is leading you to embrace”.

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